In September of 1976 AC/DC played a few dates in Germany. Well, that isn't very extraordinary. But during the German dates they did something that they would not do until 1979. They had recording sessions outside Alberts without George Young and Harry Vanda.

They recorded one song - that still remains unreleased - which was written by Alex Young (elder brother of Angus and Malcolm). The sond is called "I'm A Rebel". Rudy Holzhauer was present when the song was recorded: "Angus and Malcolm agreed to do that song immediatly, because they wanted to do Alex a favour - to record the song. The reason why they didn't never release it - I don't know - because it was similar to the stuff what they did at that time".

"The song was written by Alex - who used to live in Hamburg - he passed away few years ago", Holzhauer continues, "even the lyrics was written by Alex". There weren't many people present when it was recorded. "I was only person of the time, I waited that they started. They were supposed to start around 4 pm and they started about 5 or 6 pm. I really can't remember that well, it was a long long time ago. Also Alex and Jurgen Magnus (who was at that time engineer for that studio - which was outside Hamburg) were present. I can remember that Bon was very drunk".

Almost thirty years later, when asked about the song from Mark Evans: "I'm A Rebel? I don't have any memories of it". "I do remember that we stayed at Alex's home, but I have no recollection of that song at all, it was about 25 years ago". Mark said that "it is possible that the boys might have done that without me, because Alex used to play bass also, and Bon had done some drumming as well".

Later on German group Accept covered it and the original was similar to the Accept's version. Rudy Holzhauer commented "basically they covered that one on one". But the original AC/DC version remains in the vaults. "Alex never gave a permission to release it. He was always scared that his brothers would not like the idea of song getting released", says Rudy Holzhauer, "And now Alex has passed away and we respect his will".

Alberts Records are the only ones who can get those mastertapes (or copy of it). Holzhauer told that "if they want to release it on a B-side or whatever, that is alright by the publisher and Alex's wife. If they don't - the tapes remain in the archives".

"But one thing is certain, this unique song is true. I'm one of the very few lucky bastards to have heard of this unreleased Bon -era AC/DC tune!!"